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Successful home design uses the art of organizational and interior styling techniques to create a comfortable, stress-free, beautiful environment personalized to you. It allows homeowners to love and feel at home in each room.

At Geneva Lake Design, we artfully use what you already have in new and fresh ways by incorporating critical design elements throughout your living spaces so that when you step into your house you feel home. We want you to see your home as a beautiful, welcoming reflection of you and your family. Geneva Lake Design combines eight categories to analyze each room to create a home you will love.


First Impressions – We walk through your home room by room, noting our first impressions- what grabs us, stands out, and gives us a feeling of home.


Eliminate clutter – We pack and store what is no longer needed in each room in to create a clean, open and spacious feel.


Emphasizing the positive while downplaying the negative – We find beautiful focal points and emphasize each room’s unique qualities while hiding or distracting from any negative aspects.


Lighten Up – Focusing on lighting and color, we transform each room into bright, warm, and inviting living spaces.


Homeowner Appeal – In order to feel home, each room should reflect our clients, their family, life and what they love.


Commit Yourself – The dirty work (Cleaning/Repairs) speaks for itself but often gets overlooked. These mental TO-DO lists can be draining, so we incorporate manageable organizational plans to perpetuate.


Modernizing – We update your style by using the accessories and furnishings you already have to create clean lines, form, and design. In some cases, we’ll recommend simple purchases to complete the look.


Emotional Connection Points – We revitalize personal spaces throughout your home to reflect your family’s lifestyle. A glass bowl of your favorite soaps by the tub, a tray for your coffee pot and favorite mug on the kitchen counter, a cozy reading space, we do whatever it takes to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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