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Looking at before and after photos of staged spaces makes it easy to quickly understand the power of home staging. Vacant spaces, in particular, benefit from staging for these three critical reasons.

An empty room easily shows its flaws

No room is perfect and empty ones particularly highlight imperfections. Potential buyers walk into the space and immediately make assumptions and draw conclusions about the flaws. But with the help of staging, the room transforms into a beautiful living space.

Empty rooms consistently look smaller than they actually are

Home buyer’s limited imagination prevents them from intuitively understanding if the furniture will fit into a space. An empty room almost always appears smaller because, without furniture, it has no frame of reference.

The layout is especially challenging in quirky spaces. Geneva Lake Design develops clever ways to arrange furniture around the room’s focal point to create functional living space and leaving nothing up to the buyer’s imagination.
Finally, the number one reason it’s critical to stage an empty or vacant home…

Empty rooms are cold and lifeless, leaving buyers unengaged

Imagine the cost of putting up a lifeless, cold, sterile photo online of your empty home! According to 2019 staging statistics of over 4,200 professionally staged homes, the average value of the home increased eight percent due to professional staging.

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