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Imagine yourself walking into a spacious hotel suite with a huge balcony and stunning views. Think how at ease and relaxed you would feel. Location and surroundings contribute to our moods, emotions and even our daily behaviors. Thus, it makes sense that interior design and well-being go hand in hand. It’s important to understand that your home’s furnishings and design profoundly affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

More Lighting

The amount of light, whether natural or artificial, your home receives affects your state of mind. Those with more lighting in their homes experience more optimism, relaxation, and confidence. Our Designers assess each room of your home noting all light sources to add as much natural lighting as possible. We also create artificial lighting plans that can transform a dull and dark space into a completely new look and feel.

Color Palette

Similar to lighting, the colors in our homes can affect our moods and emotions. Scientist agree that colors can stimulate or suppress specific thoughts and feelings.

Add Nature

From easy-to-care succulents to more elaborate plants, greenery adds a breath of fresh air to any room. Geneva Lake Design incorporates natural elements into your home’s design to help create a calm and serene space.

Your Space – Your Things

We can cheer up any home by using decor and accessories that make our clients happy. Our Designers take the things you love, and make them the room’s focal point. You have to live in your home—you should love the items showcased throughout it. We create comfortable, enjoyable living spaces filled with your most cherished sentimental items.

Before & After

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