CUSTOMIZED SERVICES - Our Staging services incorporate what you already have to transform your home into a property that appeals to buyers. Our Redesign program transforms spaces to reflect your family’s style, needs and comfort.

VACANT STAGING - Empty homes have a special need for staging, and this is our strong suit. We provide options that other staging companies cannot. Starting with a home assessment, we deliver a proposal that provides good, better, best options to fit every budget. We use top quality furnishings to achieve a model home look that guarantees to attract buyers.

CONSULTATION & STAGING REPORT  $250 - Our  comprehensive two-hour Consultation will include a detailed Staging Report/Checklist that outlines a list of home improvements to complete in the occupied home. 

POWER STAGING & MINI MAKEOVER $450 - This service can take up to four hours in an occupied home with an additional two hours of planning & preparation time.  This option is critical prior to taking MLS photos as we design each space for maximum impact.

ULTIMATE STAGING & ONE DAY HOME MAKEOVER $750 - This service provides amazing transformations to occupied homes by using what you already have to make the most of each space.  We bring incredible staging accessories to give you a visual shopping list to get higher impact photos.  We work up to seven hours staging the home while photographing the completed transformations throughout the process. 

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